Xlerator Dryers

Dries hands quickly.
Uses 80% less energy than conventional dryers.
95% cost savings vs. paper towels.


Custom Covers
& Finishes

Excel Dryer now offers exclusive digital imaging technology that allows buyers to design their own high speed XLERATOR® hand dryers with company logos, team mascots, school colours, or any other image.


Save Money

XLERATOR® Hand Dryers help facility owners and managers save thousands of dollars annually by eliminating paper towel cost, maintenance and waste. On average, XLERATOR® hand dryers offer a 95% cost savings over paper towels with a less than one year payback.

Save Time

XLERATOR® uses patented technology to make hand drying fast and efficient. Designed with a high-velocity air stream and contoured nozzle that completely dries hands quickly.

Save The Environment

Facilities around the world use XLERATOR® hand dryers as an integral part of their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and meet environmental sustainability goals. XLERATOR® uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers.


XLERATOReco®: Less Energy Usage = More Savings

The XLERATOReco®‘s no heat technology delivers maximum results with minimal energy use.

Cost Comparison: Save over 95%

Compare the cost savings over paper towels and other dryers over a period of 1,000 uses. (Based on US Dollar costings)

Paper Towels

USD 43.31

per 1k
  • Wasteful
  • Expensive

Conventional Dryer

USD 15.55

per 1k
  • Slow
  • Poor User Experience

Trough-style Dryer

USD 5.50

per 1k
  • More Expensive
  • 12 Second Dry Time


USD 1.20

per 1k
  • Fast and Clean
  • 10 Second Dry Time With Heat
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XLERATOReco®Without Heat

USD 0.40

per 1k
  • Saves Energy and Money
  • 12 Seconds Dry Time Without Heat
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